Design & Construction Services


The Design-Build project delivery method occurs when a single entity (design-builder) contracts with the client (owner) to provide the architectural / engineering design services as well as the construction services for that particular project. The design-builder becomes the single source of responsibility from the onset of the project, accountable for design and construction quality, cost and schedule adherence.

Stotko Speedling Construction’s Design-Build team will apply its experience towards the end goal of providing cost and time savings on your project. Value engineering ideas and constructability are monitored from day one of the design process leading to inherent cost minimization. The overlapping of design and construction allow for early material and equipment procurement as well as the start of construction management before documents are fully completed. This results in time savings and an earlier utilization of your completed facility.


If the client decides to commission an architect and / or engineers directly to design their project, a commercial general contractor will be required to turn the intent of such designs into the finished product.

Stotko Speedling Construction will bring its vast knowledge of commercial construction to the table and work hand-in-hand with your design professionals in order to produce a practical and cost-effective solution to your facility.


The Construction Management delivery method is implemented when the client desires to contract directly with the projects’ subcontractors. This approach mandates that the client takes on additional responsibility as it relates to the project subcontracts.

Stotko Speedling Construction can offer the benefit of independent, professional construction services on your behalf throughout this construction process. In thisscenario our construction staff would provide constructability and bid reviews along with preliminary scheduling and pricing resulting in risk reduction and cost savings on your project.